Desktop (RDP) VPS Hosting

Server Security.

A Remote Desktop/RDP VPS features all the usability and features of Windows 7, plus the enhanced security and stability of Windows® Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, making it perfect for:

  • + Dropbox
  • + Media Encoding
  • + Browser Testing
  • + Upload/Download
  • + 24x7 Forex Trading
  • + Secure Web Browsing

Desktop Features.

Our Windows® Desktop (RDP) VPS systems are designed for plug-n-play access to the same features you're used to using on a PC -- with all the benefits of RDP hosting included as well:

  • + Aero Desktop Theme
  • + Audio Device Present & Enabled
  • + Media Recording/Playback Functions
  • + Pre-installed FireFox, Putty, and more!

 Windows RDP Screenshot  Windows RDP Screenshot  Windows RDP Screenshot

Hosted on Supernodes.

Home to every RDP VPS we host, our ISP Compania S.A. Supernodes™ feature the latest server-grade hardware:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPUs
(24 Cores @ 2.50GHz)
12x 15,000rpm SAS Disks (RAID10)
Load-balanced GigE Uplinks

DL380 Gen8 Server

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  RDP-BASIC Custom
RAM  RAM Icon 1GB DDR3 Custom
Disk Space  Disk Icon 50GB RAID10 Custom
CPU Cores  CPU Icon 2 Cores Custom
Bandwidth  Bandwidth Icon 1TB Custom

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Setup Time Instant Setup! Instant Setup!
OS Windows Icon Windows Icon
Uplink Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps
SolusVM Panel Check Icon Check Icon
DNS/RDNS Panel Check Icon Check Icon

Windows® Server

1Gbps Network

99.99% Uptime

24/7/365 Support

Remote Desktop (RDP)

SolusVM VPS Panel

RAID10 Disk Arrays

DNS + RDNS Panel

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Seamless Scalability.

Windows® VPS hosting provides the speed and reliability of dedicated Windows® Server hosting, for a small fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware.

Unlike a dedicated server, a Windows® VPS instance can upgrade or downgrade resources on-demand, with only a reboot required:

  • + RAM / Memory
  • + CPU / Processor
  • + Disk Space
  • + Bandwidth

Unrivaled Performance.

Our industry-leading ISP Compania S.A. Supernodes, home to every Linux VPS we host, feature some of the fastest hardware available:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPUs
(24 Cores @ 2.50GHz)
12x 15,000rpm SAS Disks (RAID10)
Load-balanced GigE Uplinks

DL380 Gen8 Server

Guaranteed Quality.

In addition to our 99.99% Uptime SLA, we back every web hosting service with our long-standing

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee.

If we fail to deliver, we will refund every penny.

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